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djr-2021-02-20-news-winter-weather-arp2 Tires will also turn melting ice to spray, which is carried off the road and into the ditches to drain, instead of refreezing on the road at night. “As more and more cars travel along the roads, that will help dry the roads,” said Mississippi Highway Patrol Troop F spokesman Staff Sgt. Bryan McGee. “Over the next few days, we will see a vast improvement in the roads. It’s only going to get better. “By Tuesday, hopefully the majority of the ice will be gone. I haven’t seen the sheer amount of ice on the roads in my life. Even in the ice storm of 1994, we didn’t have this much ice and it didn’t stay around as long.” While the ice caused temporary inconveniences for motorists, it will cause a rash of potholes in the coming weeks and could cause long-term problems for the road surface and the road bed. In places where there are small cracks in the pavement, that allows the moisture to get into the subgrade. When water freezes, it expands. The repeated thawing during the day and refreezing at night can compromise the structure and stability of the road bed. “Next week, potholes will be everywhere,” Holley said. “We already know several sections that will be bad, like the Highway 45 and Highway 25 intersection. “The time it takes for subgrades to show heavier cracks will depend on the traffic, especially heavy truck traffic. It will show up first on two-lanes with high traffic because all the weight is on that one lane.” In the coming month, MDOT crews will be inspecting all of the roads to make note of the obvious potholes but also any growing cracks that could lead to more serious problems. City and county road crews will be doing the same thing on secondary and locals roads and streets. Lee County Road Manager Tim Allred is bracing for the certainty that some already bad county roads will soon be a lot worse. "I’m sure you’re going to see that they’ve aged some," Allred said of county roads. "In two or three weeks, we'll start seeing things." Once he has a full accounting of road conditions, Allred said he can assess long term maintenance needs. "It’s going to be a work in process," Allred said.

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